We create value through focussing on operational performance of quality assets, the generation and implementation of organic and acquisitive growth opportunities and accessing the combined intellectual property and resources of all the operating companies in the SAIG group.

Globally cost competitive

Africa’s only manufacturer
of rolls and sleeves

  • About 80% of the products are exported.
  • General engineering cast and machined products.
  • SARCO has approximately 120 staff members.
  • Key features/comments:
    • Globally cost competitive.
    • Supplier of technical product with high barriers to entry.
    • Demand of product is driven by steel production.
    • Attractive margins and cash flow generation.
    • Growth from introduction of new general foundry products and continued strengthening of global steel sector.
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Customers (Rolls):
First tier steel mills in US, Europe, Taiwan, India, South America and South Africa.

Mining, automotive, hydraulic and rail sectors.

Supplier of engineered,
machined components

  • WEKABA has approximately 165 staff members.
  • Key features/comments:
    • Core competencies : Manufacturing, Innovation and Value Chain.
    • Engineered components with three segments
      • Mining
      • Rail/Automotive
      • Hydraulics
    • Attractive margins and cash flow generation
    • Growth expected from secured contracts in Rail and Automotive sectors
    • Localisation programme a key positive driver of growth
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Focused on Innovation
95% Effectiveness

One of two manufacturers of copper tubing in South Africa.
Also supplies plumbing accessories

  • Copper Tubing Africa has approximately 250 staff members.
  • Key features:
    • Focus on OTIF to customer at an effective 95%.
    • Basket product sales to plumbing customers.
    • Well run management of manufacturing and OEE.
    • Continue diversification of products into fittings
    • Capex implementation to automate plant and reduce costs.
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Plumbing, medical and industrial tube market. Accessories for the plumbing market.

Hardware and Plumbing wholesale and retail customers in inland provinces.

Only black owned distributor of
plastic piping and systems in South Africa

  • PBES has approximately 50 staff members.
  • Key features/comments:
    • Focus on OTIF to customer at an effective 95%.
    • Basket plastic product sales to plumbing customers
    • Continue diversification of products into agriculture and hot water systems.
    • Geographic diversification to coastal areas.
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Focused on OTIF

Efficient Diversified
Business Model

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